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Vanishing Immunity Deals for witnesses of the Steubenville Rape Case and how Local Leaks ties into court testimony


More news in the Steubenville Ohio Rape Case Indictments from the Ohio Attorney General's office:

Indictments Issued by Steubenville Special Grand Jury

(STEUBENVILLE, Ohio)—Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine today announced that indictments have been issued in the special grand jury reviewing whether additional crimes were committed regarding the Steubenville teen rape case.

Michael McVey, 50 years old, of Steubenville, has been indicted on five counts:
  • One count of Tampering with Evidence, a third degree felony
  • Two counts of Obstructing Justice, a fifth degree felony
  • One count of Falsification, a first degree misdemeanor
  • One count of Obstructing Official Business, a second degree misdemeanor
McVey is the superintendent of Steubenville City Schools. If convicted on all counts, McVey could serve up to seven years and 270 days in prison.

Matthew Belardine, 26, of Steubenville, has been indicted on four counts:
  • Underage Persons Offenses Concerning ("beer or intoxicating liquor"), a first degree misdemeanor
  • Obstructing Official Business, a second degree misdemeanor
  • Falsification, a first degree misdemeanor
  • Contributing to the Unruliness or Delinquency of a Child, a first degree misdemeanor
Belardine is a former assistant high school football coach for Steubenville City Schools. If convicted on all counts, Belardine could serve up to one year and 265 days in jail.

Seth Fluharty, 26, of Wintersville, has been indicted on one count regarding Reporting Child Abuse or Neglect, a fourth degree misdemeanor. Fluharty is an assistant wrestling coach and special education teacher for Steubenville City Schools. If convicted, Fluharty could serve up to 30 days in jail.

Lynnett Gorman, 40, of Steubenville, has been indicted on one count regarding Reporting Child Abuse or Neglect, a fourth degree misdemeanor. Gorman is the Principal of West Elementary in Steubenville. If convicted, Gorman could serve up to 30 days in jail.

In October, the grand jury previously indicted William Rhinaman, 53 of Mingo Junction, on four counts and Hannah Rhinaman, 20 of Mingo Junction, on three counts.

Matt Belardine.... where have we heard that name before? Oh yes from Anti-Anonymous blogger for hire @Stranahan who by his own admission was hired by Frank Bruzzese, The law partner of none other than conflict of interest attorney and rapists family friend Jane Hanlin!

Did prosecuting attorney and conflict of interest who took 2 weeks to recuse herself jane hanlin's partner Frank Bruzzese hire anti anonymous and Occupy Unmasked Anti Anon movie affiliate lee stranahan to discredit anonymous and local leaks off the coaches such as matt belardines involvement in the parties that took place?

One would think so, first theres this,

then stranahan's rebuttle

then theres this stuff

but lets fast forward to the day of the trial of the boys, oh and one of the many screenshots stranahan credits law partner frank bruzeese for getting him to steubenville

did you see where he was geolocated to the belardines household via twitter? did you know that its so accurate that cops use it? not to bash stranahan for doing his job... but could the cover up go as far as lawyers with a love for football and the team??

Read his twitter
or his secretary as well, and you decide

All Great questions that need answered before this grand jury is wrapped up.


     A new breakthrough in the ongoing investigation as to where there is any evidence that people covered up the attacks on "Jane Doe" in the town of Steuebenville Ohio. 

 An Ohio school official was jailed Monday without bond after being indicted in connection with the case, the Ohio Attorney General's Office said.

William Rhinaman, 53, director of technology at Steubenville High School, faces four counts: tampering with evidence, obstructing justice, obstructing official business and perjury in connection with the case, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine said. Rhinaman was arrested Monday.

If convicted, he could face four years behind bars, more time than the two convicted boys will serve.

This is a breakthrough in the best of ways, because it proves that we were right, and it proves that the government is looking at all angles of this situation. I would like to take this moment to applaud the prosecutors, the grand jury, and investigators in this matter. Kudos.

Mike DeWine Header

October 7, 2013

Dan Tierney: 614-466-3840
 Lisa Hackley: 614-466-3840

First Indictment Issued by 
Steubenville Special Grand Jury

(STEUBENVILLE, Ohio)—Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine today announced that the first indictment has been issued in the special grand jury reviewing whether additional crimes were committed regarding the Steubenville teen rape case.

William Rhinaman, 53, of Mingo Junction, was indicted by the grand jury on the following counts:

  • Tampering with Evidence, a third-degree felony
  • Obstructing Justice, a fifth-degree felony
  • Obstructing Official Business, a second-degree misdemeanor
  • Perjury, a third-degree felony

The charges against Rhinaman are related to his position as an employee of Steubenville City Schools in the area of information technology.

Attorney General DeWine had the following statement after the indictment was issued.

“This is the first indictment in an ongoing grand jury investigation. Our goal remains to uncover the truth, and our investigation continues.”



     I apologize for the lack of updates regarding the Steubenville Grand Jury. For the past year, (let alone the past month), I have been in a deep battle with depression and alcoholism. On september 3rd 2012 I lost my best friend, Lauren Barbee, due to childbirth complications stemming from Lupus and HELLP syndrome. That combined with the stress of the raid on April 17th 2013 led me down a path of binge drinking which put me ultimately in the hospital where my heart entered "SVT" rhythm of 160 beats per minute. After a week long detox in hospitals as well as a short stay at a behavioral health clinic I am back on my feet and more focused than ever on getting corruption out of Steubenville and the good citizens their town back as they have asked for so many times. Citizens there fear corruption, they fear repercussion for speaking up. Not me, I was bullied as a youth and I will be damned if I will be bullied by the government that is not only supposed to protect people like me, but protect Jane Does everywhere. I have faith in the good people in our government, however those are sadly few and far between. I can only pray that as they read this, they see all the circumstances that I am bringing to light, with the help of so many others, including the good citizens of Steubenville Ohio. I would like to formally apologize for my extreme moment of weakness to anyone I may have let down, or offended, in the past 6 months and I will not let it happen again. As of writing this, I am 8 days sober, and with your support, can not only build a stronger me, but a stronger mentality among the citizens of this great nation.

A note regarding my previous lawyer, Jason Flores-Williams of the whistle blower defense league. 

Jason has sadly come down with an disease known as 


which according to him, is eating his muscles. Last I heard he is receiving Chemo-Therapy and working on his recovery. Due to this illness he has had to shut down his practice for the time being and my legal matter along with the defense fund responsibility has been shifted to the esteemed lawyer Tor Eckeland of Brooklyn N.Y.

Tor Eckeland can be reached on twitter @toreckelandpc 
Online at


Tor Ekeland, P.C.
Attorneys at Law
155 Water Street
Sixth Floor, Suite 2
Brooklyn, NY 11201-1044

Tel:   (718) 285-9343
Fax:  (718) 504-5417

Most notable cases Tor Eckeland has litigated are those of  Andrew Auernheimer
also known as "Weev" whom attacked amazon and breached AT&T

And Matthew Keys, the Reuters Journalist alleged to have conspired with Anonymous to provide credentials to gain access to the L.A. Times website for defacement purposes


What does a Steubenville Police Officer fired for serving alcohol to minors have in common with the investigation?

The Steubenville Police officer whom was fired for serving alchahol to minors that threatened retaliation at wintersville PD for charging his son in underage drinking

Rumor has it that the officer MORAY whom was fired was a teacher back in the early 90's then got canned for allegedly sleeping with students

 His friends list is interesting: Jill Watkins, the woman on DR Phil whom son eddie threatened many anons, including myself with physical violence, and whos other son sent explicit texts to the rapists regarding the attack the night of the rape as stated in the court proceedings against trent mays and ma'lik richmond

 Jane Hanlin - charlie keenans mother, and the prosecutor whom took two weeks to recuse herself while handling the evidence of her sons friends, whom urged Jane Doe "not to press charges" "scaring her out of her wits" whom also hangs out with the boy who threw the party Jane Doe was attacked at, as well as his mother.

 Anthony craig A witness to the attacks, and a person whom documented them on social media/video/ pictures he also filmed the infamous Michael Nodianos "Joke" Video where they make light of the attack, as it's happening.

 Angela Paterra, the mother of the man, mark cole, whom threw the party where jane doe was attacked

 Matt Smarella, the uncle, whom works for steubenville Police Department, of one Mark cole.

 Jackie Scripanti - a woman/blogger whom endorses the lawsuit against Alexandria Goddard aka Prinnie which originally shed light on the case before Anonymous and this is just without going through all of his friends...

 Seems that they are all "in bed" so to speak.

Rumors also allege that Moray's son is known to sell moonshine under the bleachers at football games, and as well, Moray was charged with disorderly conduct before at a football game.


     I have been provided this info, from a Ohio Valley Resident, regarding the mysterious termination of Steubenville City Manager, Cathy Davidson, whom called for National Guard to come to her city to quell the violence the police are failing to fight, and the media is failing to report. Steubenville city manager, Cathy Davidson, recently spoke out about a string of violence caused by what many believe to be the activities of the "Chicago Boyz" gang.

      Daily shootings over the months of May-July which local media has failed to report on leaving many injured or dead. One such fatality was described to me by a resident as a promising young graduate from Big Red who wasn't the intended target.

     Davidson spoke out about the need for an outside force such as the National Guard to be brought in to quell the turmoil shaking this small community which many believe is the reason her contract was not renewed (thus fired) from her job as city manager. One would question why when her performance review was excellent as quoted here:
     Cathy spoke about calling in the national guard here: She detailed that it was an option she was discussing with city council and the governor, and that "Attention on violent crime was raised this week after the Fraternal Order of Police Steubenville Lodge President Jim Marquis called a news conference at which he listed more than 40 “weapons calls” handled by the city police department since January.

    Marquis suggested the rise in weapons crime was linked to the decrease in the number of officers employed by the Steubenville Police Department." -WTOV 9" Cathy Davidson was then asked to resign her position as city manager during "an executive meeting" as per this local news article here:

     The article states that it was a developing story updated on May 13th 2013 but has no continued coverage. One can only imagine why.

     We already know of allegations surrounding #oprollredroll and coverup's and corruption within city members such as the local police department, as well as some law offices. Here is a story where the mayor recieved preferential treatment for multiple DUI's in which he damaged multiple citizens vehicles yet still held office:

     So the questions continue, why the strings of violence, why the lack of reporting? Why fire good people who wish to clean up a town full of good, concerned citizens? Who's being paid off to turn a blind eye? These are questions that all need answers. There are great people in Steubenville that deserve peace of mind.


As promised I have been provided pictures of Prosecuting attny Jane Hanlin and her friends. Here is Jane with her son Charlie Keenan, with mark coles mother angela paterra, mark cole (whos house the rape took place at) and also the mother of anthony craig with her son anthony, another key player in the court case and also filmer of the infamous Michael Nodianos rape joke video.
Jane Hanlin (Prosecuting attorney originally assigned to case before taking 2 weeks to recuse herself) reportedly urged jane doe not to file charges in the beginning, "scaring her out of her wits"
Hanlin is friends with mark coles mother, and also the mother of anthony craig, another key player in the court case and also filmer of the infamous Michael Nodianos rape joke video. 
The questions keep on piling up? Were files mass deleted at the Police Station? Why 2 relatives of "rape crew" handling the evidence, along with the mother of keenan, attorney hanlin? What do they have to hide? Im sure the indictments handed down by the Grand Jury will tell us.
Also let us not forget that Angela Paterra is sister to the wife of yet another Steubenville PD officer Matt Smarella

(left to right) Jane Hanlin, Charlie Keenan, Angela Paterra, Mark Cole, Anthony Craig's Mother (name unknown at this point) and Filmer of Nodianos video, and witness of rape, Anthony Craig.

Charlie Keenan (son of Prosecuting Attorney Jane Hanlin) and his "Other Mother" Angela Paterra, whos sons party housed the crimes against Jane Doe.



 @anonforecast has been raided for #oprollredroll according to his defense attorney, although he has publicly voiced his opposition to the op numerous times before. He is a narcoleptic with a traumatic brain injury, and the FBI seized his medical devices, nearly killing him. They said I sent them, which is false, my lawyer and his have been put in touch. I have never heard of @anonforecast since before this raid, and it seems to me like a fishing expedition is underway.

Read his story here

It has come to my attention that another person was also raided for unrelated cause, who goes by the handle @joepie91 .

A person by the name of Josh, of the paypal 14 (hackers under indictment for attacking paypal) aka @melosbA started a rumor that I sent the raid. Which is false. Josh and I were friendly, that is until his e-heart was broken by his now "ex-girlfriend" e-relationship ended due to jealousy or something. His ex, openly voiced her support of me, and we are friends, and he has had it out for me ever since. Do not be swayed by rumors of the broken hearted.

Now for the announcement.... or rather question.

From a source within the Steubenville police department, they may have just erased massive troves of data from work PCs regarding multiple crimes under the alleged instruction of rapist Trent Mays cousin, Police Chief McAfferty. This was a valid source whom also told me, Mark cole, whos house the rape occured at, has an uncle by the name of Matt Smarella by marriage. Coles mom Angela Paterra has a sister named Jenna, whom married officer Smarella. 

Jane Hanlin (Prosecuting attorney originally assigned to case before taking 2 weeks to recuse herself)  reportedly urged jane doe not to file charges in the beginning, "scaring her out of her wits"

Hanlin is friends with mark coles mother, and also the mother of anthony craig, another key player in the court case and also filmer of the infamous Michael Nodianos rape joke video. 

To prove that, I am having pictures of them hanging out emailed to me and will be posting them later.

The questions keep on piling up? Were files mass deleted at the Police Station? Why 2 relatives of "rape crew" handling the evidence, along with the mother of keenan, attorney hanlin? What do they have to hide? Im sure the indictments handed down by the Grand Jury will tell us.

In other news I have re-launched my I.T. Consulting business, Will no longer be soliciting donations for personal bills since I prefer to earn my keep, and am accepting contracts for computer repair, social media analaysis, and more. I have already been assigned to a contract whom I cannot disclose but wish to convey my gratitude for work. Ask me how I can help your company or law firm

It's time to get out the microscope, and analyze the people who handled the evidence in Jane Doe's horrid assault.


Noah Mchugh aka @JustBatCat - anti anonymous, borderline stalker/obsessive

Texts from @justbatcat aka Noah McHugh, the man who admitting outed himself as the SOLE hacker in the crime I am accused of ( in the herald and on a underground radio show entitled Vince In The Bay. Texts between him real life activist @cassandrarules describe a man who was not only plotting to bring down anonymous operatives, but a man who shows obsessive tendencies towards woman, and a threatening demeanor when he is denied the attention he seeks. These texts and more were at but it has since been taken down due to "spam reports" a tactic used to censor blogs and twitter accounts by someone who doesn't want info out. Texts on there once described his hatred for the entire collective of anonymous, how he wasnt anon, and how he worked for the federal government. These texts and words that I managed to salvage are listed below, more may pop up in the future.

Before @cassandrarules stayed at his residence in virginia beach to go to a protest:

After @cassandrarules stayed at his residence in virginia beach to go to a protest:


Note the threatening tendencies when Cass denied Noah. Note how his demeanor changed, and the fact that he threatened her, and her baby daughter should also come into play.

here is text salvaged from the now defunct wordpress in which Cass and others outed noah for his crimes against the mask, as well as threatening woman and children:


" The following link is one of Noah’s exes talking about him on her Formspring account. Just scroll down and read and you’ll find the sections about Noah. Enjoy!

Here are some links everyone may find interesting. This first link is an article did on 17 January 2013, it also mentions Noah Mchugh right in the article with job title. For those who don’t wish to read the entire article, he is listed as following: Cryptologic Technician Technical 2nd Class (SW/AW) Noah McHugh from the 1st Lieutenant Department. Now, a lot of you probably have no clue what this job means and what it entails. The following link is a description of the job Noah Mchugh is currently assigned towards. "


So there we have it, anti-anon, Fed DOD working, woman abuser, whom took sole responsibility for the hack that I am being charged with and pawned it off on me to get the feds off his back. Funny how things work behind closed doors eh? Now this assholes getting married in october, met his "fiance" in february, shortly after he was in love with cass at the end of january. Meanwhile I am fighting for my freedom for his crimes, and being monetarily affected by lack of work for the raid regarding his crimes.


So what we know now is:

1) the hack is publicly admitted by someone else

2) my brother his girl and i all constitutionally arrested not mirandized

3) none of us formally signed away rights to a lawyer

4) warrant not provided till after raid and belongings taken even when requested prior to entry

5) no badge numbers or names ever given when requested

6) chief mcafferty is trent mays (rapist) cousin, handled the evidence, called the fbi for the hack of a public domain but not for the technology used to chronicle the girls attack.

Questions abound, what I did was pour smoke into a "beehive" and caused someone with some friends in "high places" embarrassment. The raid against me was not only unconstitutional, violating my 4th amendment rights, it was an obvious smash-and-grab to see what "they could find on this guy." It will not be tolerated, and will be fought in court.


After finally letting trolls get the best of me last night I will be taking a week-long sabbatical from twitter in order to get my mind right for the upcoming legal battle ahead. Check here or on the facebook page listed above for any updates. Tune in live on 06/17/2013 to JAKE TAPPER on CNN at 4pm est. where I will announce some shocking news about this case and more. Thank you for your understanding in these tough times and continued support. Together we WILL make a difference. 

Want to help but don't want to donate? YOU CAN! It's time we make our government work FOR US instead of working AGAINST US! With the recent revelation Snowden revealing his fomer employer of the National Security Agency spying on every single one of you and us in the PRISM program for almost a decade its HIGH TIME we DEMAND results. Let your first bit of activism start today by helping someone, whom selflessly helped others. The phone call is FREE. Contact ERIC HOLDER, United States Attorney General, who has the POWER to DISMISS any investigation against me, and pleaseBE POLITE! You CAN take a STAND. Together we ARE in SOLIDARITY. We MUST come TOGETHER as a FIST because the government WILL EXPLOIT any weakness it sees in our division, and trust, THEY ARE WATCHING. Thank you for your time.

Eric Holder, US attorney general and demand Charges dropped. (202) 514-2001 case # 5:13-MJ-5116-REW

In other news, I have made a decision to donate 10$of every $100 recieved in my PERSONAL donation account (paypal button below) to a woman's rights group of my choice, first one being ULTRAVIOLET for their awesome petition they made about me.  This is not to be confused with the WEPAY... which I state again is in my lawyers control, not mine. I continue to live by the morals of standing up for victims, and selflessly giving when I can. Thank you for your continued support.


Thank you all so much for your continued support as we take to the streets with the flyers and peaceful protests. I am extremely humbled by it all. Defense fund almost to 33K! you all rock! I do not see nor handle these funds. My lawyer updated the page with a statement regarding the fund! Go read! DEFENSE FUND STATEMENT CLICK HERE

Womans Rights Group, Ultraviolet, Petitions for a man:Petition click here

I am sincerely humbled by all the love and support. Bills continue to come regardless of the fact that it's hard to find work as a private security contractor (providing security audits for companies websites and the like)
I appreciate you all donating to my personal bill fund. When in times of need the companies that power our homes do not care about lack of work because potential employers see that you have been under FBI investigation won't give you a shot. When this is all over I plan on incorporating my IT Security business and will be hiring based on demand, so keep a lookout for that.
You can donate to my personal fund (small) please if you wish, I appreciate every one of you all and together we will show the world that justice has a voice, and it will not be silenced. We are ALL #Anonymous


Why was I raided? I often ask myself the same thing.

So donations are pouring in, Its amazing, my lawyer handles all that, I dont see a Dime, fyi. You all are great and together we can work to save activism, stand for Jane Doe's everywhere and defend the right to be "Anonymous" in our views. (Constitutional right to affiliation)
also for any donations (small) for bills I Myself incur due to lack of work from this fiasco, that would be amazing too, though embarrassing, as I am a self employed cyber security contractor and work is slow right now due to this episode. Thank you for solidarity. We all are #Anonymous


Greetings Citizens of the World, I am Deric Lostutter, and this is my story. 

Approximately  Mid-April 2012 a search warrant was carried out on my address in Winchester, Kentucky for alleged communications with one "Noah Mchugh" aka @justbatcat regarding the hacking of and my alleged involvement in said hacking. Upon returning from a brief turkey hunt behind my farm I had just sat down and opened up my computer to work when my pitbull, named Thor, jumps up on the door as is common for him to do when someone new is at my house. I had been expecting a T-Shirt in the mail from and what appeared to be a Fed-Ex truck was parked in my driveway.  As I open the door to great the driver approximately 12 F.B.I. Swat Team agents jumped out of the truck screaming for me to "Get The Fuck Down" with m-16 assault rifles and full riot gear armed safety off, pointed directly at my head. I was handcuffed and detained outside while they cleared my house. My brother soon emerged later with his new girlfriend, both bewildered that the F.B.I. was at my house seeing as I have no prior criminal history, both of them in handcuffs as well. The Swat team left my belongings in the floor, my dogs shocked, my family nervous, my garage door battered open with a ram though I stated I had a key, and the RV camper window broken for entry though I stated to pull hard on the door.

Looking around I seen the Swat Team of course, a few fbi detectives from Columbus Ohio, Lexington KY, and Louisville KY. Also with them were a state trooper or 2, a local sheriff, and shortly thereafter the buildings were cleared the CIS labcoat wearing "Geek Squad" so to speak who analyzes your "evidence". 

I was detained on the back patio, I asked if I was going to jail, they said no, they said who are you, I responded KYAnonymous. They asked me a few questions, asked me for my passwords for my account, stated that I could not tell anyone I was raided or I would face additional charges such as "destroying/tampering with evidence". They pulled out ALLEGED emails between me and @justbatcat aka Noah McHugh from Noah's inbox indicating that someone is trying to "sell me down the river". They stated they had been watching me for a long time, prior to Jim Parks, and that I was a good guy, and even joked around a bit about the good things I have done, none the less, sincere or not, They are the FBI and to them I am Anonymous, the embodiment of a dangerous threat according to their m16 assault rifles aimed at me for a computer.

Before they departed, I asked them for names and badge numbers of each involved. I got none of them as I requested and subsequently it took me the better part of a month just to get a phone call returned for the status of my belongings let alone tracking down my case agent to columbus ohio.  I asked Agent Bixby (who in all fairness seems to be fighting for me and believes I am a good guy) the status of my belongings and they had no time table, as of this post they are still with the FBI being analyzed. I was emailed their intent to send out a "Target Letter" which means they are going to try to indict me for a Federal Offense, (most likely a felony and two misdemeanors) to a secret Grand Jury of 23 individuals, for which I can not be present to state my side, nor state my innocence. Let us not forget that Batcat did the hack, as stated in the Herald  ARTICLE HERE which by all accounts is a clear admission of guilt. So I am curious to see the charges, as is the lawyer I have teamed up with, Jason Flores-Williams of the WhistleBlower Defense League.

WBDL is a group of very serious attorneys who come to their clients aid mostly "pro-bono" and look to defer defense costs through "Grass Roots" fundraising. Hence the need for a store on this site, and the wepay campaign which will be on this site later today.  The group was founded in most part by famed attorney of Commander-X , Jay Leiderman. 

This is my call to you, in the media, in the world of anonymous, who look to change the world to a free, transparent one, to my friends and family as well, to come to my aid, if you can find it in your heart, share my story, donate, buy a sticker, rally in the streets to demand the investigation against me be dismissed. I stood up for a rape victim, I shared information that was public, I had an opinion, and now I am needing you to stand up for me. 

**SIDE NOTE*** I would like to also extend my personal apologies to Jim Parks, The FBI Stated that the girls Noah allegedly found in his email are all over 18, On behalf of anonymous I am sorry for the embarrassment that caused you, I am also glad we were wrong about the age.

Online donations

Legal questions to : Jason Flores-Williams Donations for Legal defense Checks

 Payable to Deric Lostutter Fund mailed to the WBDL WhistleBlower Defense League P.O. Box 9506 Santa Fe, NM 87504


KnightSec started as a group of hacktivists within the collective known as "Anonymous" whom, against some, "White-Knighted" under the flag of "Anonymous". They stuck up for victims of rape, abuse, bullying, and more in the face of adversity. Some were hunted down and outed publicly, others raided by the Federal Government.

This site was founded to tell their story, and to launch "Project #KnightSec", which on twitter from this day forth shall be hashtagged #ProjectKnightSec. #ProjectKnightSec aims to do 2 things, promote activism in the youth and old of the world, and to immediately change the world around every one of us for the better.

You do not have to be technical, you do not have to be "Anonymous", you just have to have the initiative, the drive to volunteer, to change the world. Plant a tree, Raise a forest. Speak out publicly against bullies both in school and workplaces. Volunteer to clean up disasters, Volunteer at a local soup kitchen, whatever it is you do, commit one good deed a day, or hundreds if you wish, and simply ask those whom you help to "pay it forward."

 Together we can change the world, Together we can change the quality of life for future generations to come. Check this page frequently for updates, photos, and more.  

Go out now, and promote the idea that is #ProjectKnightSec 

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